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DAC Environmental Solutions has gained a proven track record in the installation of high quality Ventilation Systems to the full range of commercial and business sectors.


A DAC ventilation system will improve both the freshness and the temperature of your work environment:

      • DAC ES ventilation systems - freshen your air supply

      • DAC ES heat recovery and ventilation systems - not only improve air quality but also reduce your operational costs

      • DAC ES toilet extractor systems - improves air quality whilst reducing nasty odours

      • DAC ES kitchen extractor systems - heat, vapour and odour reduction


Why do you need to improve ventilation in your work environment?


      • Improved air quality has a proven positive effect on your personnel's productivity.

      • In many instances adequate ventilation is a legal requirement. Building regulations require a minimum rate of ventilation equivalent to one complete change of air throughout the building every two hours.

      • Ventilation and extraction will remove both polluted and stale air - a build up of carbon dioxide.

      • Poor ventilation creates a build up of humidity resulting in condensation (moisture) and mold.

      • Good ventilation is very beneficial to workers who suffer from respiratory complaints such as asthma.


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